Effects of Alcoholism

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Effects of alcoholism are different from the sensations that drinking creates because the effects of alcoholism define a stage of drinking that is a serious physical and mental threat to the drinker. Effects of alcoholism include physical problems such as swollen liver and cirrhosis, stomach pains and ulcers. There are also many personality and mental effects of alcoholism that can be devastating to the individual and those surrounding him or her. Increased hostility, irritability and increasing difficulty in thinking and concentrating are all effects of alcoholism. Each year thousands of people suffer from the effects of alcoholism include death in automobile accidents, homicide, suicide and cancer. Treatment Referral specializes in providing nationwide referrals to treat the effects of alcoholism before it is too late.

Treatment Referral will interrupt the effects of alcoholism by placing the client in a safe facility, far from the environment that has allowed the disease of alcoholism to progress. Like any other disease, alcoholism must receive treatment.

Don't let the effects of alcoholism bring you or your loved one closer to a tragic ending, call us today to learn more about the options available to you right now.




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